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Advantages of having a logistics partner

Advantages of having a logistics partner

We guarantee the most advanced working methods:

– EAN Coding
– Total traceability guarantee

  • Innovation in technological facilities, equipment and information systems.
  • Logistic costs are variable, instead of being a fixed cost.
  • Logistic processes optimization according to our multi-client, multi-product- multi-service experience.
  • Dedicate your financial resources to your CORE BUSINESS
  • Greater flexibility facing constant market fluctuations and demands.
  • Logistics equipment and facilites amortization
  • Posibilidad de reconversión del personal.
  • High level equipment and services access.
  • Better service - lower cost.
  • Lower economic risk.
  • Best knowledge and quality in logistics costs.
  • Productivity and service level increment.

The first and most important advantage of outsourced logistics is to allow your company growth by making variable costs of fixed assets, facilities, personnel, equipment.

This allows you to focus your resources to growth in your main activity, delegating in AZA Logistics your supply chain.

Outsourcing provides your company with flexibility that can be total of partial. We strongly recommend you to do it gradually and progressively from less to more complex references. We are specialists in recommending the most accurate phases for your company needs, providing the best options for you