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Aza 360 - Integral logistics

AZA Logistics is an integral logistic operator that covers 100% of the logistics chain. We cover any present of future need in the logistics chain and we guarantee that you will not have to deal with any other interlocutor, regardless of the nature or volume of your merchandise.
Outsourced logistics characteristics

  • Greater flexibility facing constant market fluctuations and demands
  • Logistics equipment and facilites amortization
  • Personnel reconversion possibility
  • High level equipment and services access
  • Better service - lower cost
  • Lower economic risk
  • Best knowledge and quality in logistics costs
  • Productivity and service level increment
AZA Logistics has strategic partners in consulting service for logistics field, packaging and transport for an integral management of the supply chain.
The supply chain diagnosis guarantees directly its optimisation, establishing improvement strategies that tare sustainable over the time. Our goal is to increase profitability through a careful study of each case particularities, offering the optimal combination of the services involved.

Not only a reduction in costs are provided, but we also headed towards a new logistics generation: Logistics 4.0

Packaging 4.0 goes beyond tradicional packaging. It consists of the digitalisation, analysis and integration of production procedures in order to offer the most suitable solution for each case.

Our know-how is based in four concepts:

  • • Multimaterial: Each package has some peculiarities. Materials must be chosen and combined in order to achieve the best protection system.
  • • Customized: We rely in digitised production systems that allow us to customize the production lots and adjust it to JIT and Kanban programs of our customers.
  • • Integrated: We study and design the perfect combination for each process. Furthermore, we improve the filling, shipping and picking process in order to reduce the costs.
  • • Conected: In order to monitor the evolution of the product design, we contact with our clients. We use the newest 2D/3D technology to offer an effective and fast response.
Services and Value Chain


  • Reception
  • Identification


  • Location
  • Inventory
  • Permanent
  • Video surveillance

Added Value

  • Picking
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Cross Docking

Delivery service

  • IATA agent
  • Distribution management
  • Containers
  • ull load
  • Pallet service

Reverse logistics

  • Returns
  • Packaging withdrawal
  • Recount
  • Delivery note return