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Logistics consulting

We provide companies with logistics advise, no matter if its total or partial, just focused on a part of their products catalog. Our goal is to become your logistic partner.

Several companies from different sectors trust us and our experience as a referent to accomplish their outsourcing project efficiently.

Customer service rules. Quality indicators in warehouses.
Service levels.
Level 1 → Inventory Reliability.
Physical Stock = Digital Stock.
We assure that our SGA stock matches the actual stock.
Level 2 → Picking Reliability.
Orders must be prepared properly and in time.
Level 3 → Efficiency in the construction of expeditions. We adapt the order preparation to optimize the transport option chosen.
Process efficiency = Profitability

In an increasingly global and competitive environment, we need to perform higher levels of specialization in the management of the logistic chain from the reception of the merchandise, its identification, storage, picking, kitting, pre-assembly and other value-added services the delivery.