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Controlled temperature warehouse

In our facilitation located in Picanya we perform logistics management regarding to products that requieres controlled temperature (16-22º) for better guarantee of product quality. We have reached a high specialization level in Pharma and Cosmetics.

We properly combine manual and automatic picking in order to recude lead time with the final customer and the error rate in simultaneous orders preparation with more than 3500 lines.

We rank the order preparation according to your needs establishing priority and classifying the final recipients by urgency levels in dispatch and delivery.

Our plant is focussed in hight added value sectors that requiere more delicate merchandise care than a conventional warehouse, having only one access to the facility to minimize potential external contamination.

We work with different levels of integration with our customers, ensuring total connectivity. We have FTP to ensure direct integration with the customer SGA.

We assign an Operative Manager customized to each client facilitating that the client has a unique interlocutor when needs to contact with AZA. This person ensures the best optimization of their operations and a proper operation development.

Regarding to expeditions distribution, we have preferential deals with delivery and pallet companies with very advantageous conditions for our warehouse customers. Furthermore, our strategic location next to DHL facilites that AZA Group manages in Picanya bring us a plus in matter of time given that we tan expand the order preparation until the end of the journey.

From International department of AZA Logistics we will be pleased to recommend you the best option regarding to distribution and transport based on your specific needs, both national and internationally.