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Warehouse logistics


In Aza Logistics we provide both outsourcing and In-housing solutions and logistics consulting. Our Engineering, IT and Quality departments study your supply chain proposing improvements in the management of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, as well as supply and distribution.

Our goal is to provide you a flexible logistic process with a variable cost depending on your volume of stock and movements. Then you can delegate the warehouse and transport part to us, and focus your resources on the development of your business.

In Aza Logístics we offer you the following services:

  • • Picking, kitting, cross-docking.
  • • Loading and unloading of containers.
  • • Consolidation and deconsolidation of merchandise.
  • • Picking, kitting, cross-docking.
  • • Ad hoc assembly lines, preparation of promotions, campaigns.
  • • Repaletizing, counting, collecting samples, labeling, packing.
  • • Customs Warehouse Regime. Entry, exit and sale in DA.
  • • Permanent and updated inventory.
  • • Availability of cold rooms (2-8ºC) and temperature controlled (15-25ºc).
  • • Vertical Warehouses for massive and intensive picking.
  • • Integration of multilevel systems.
  • • Partner-Web for stock tracking with upload of personalized delivery notes.
  • • Assignment of your personal Key Account.
  • • Operations control system and KPI's meters.
  • • E commerce operations.
  • • Total lot and serial number traceability. HU-Location.
  • • Management by FEFO and LIFO.
  • • Insurance of the merchandise.
  • • Sanitary Certificate and ISO 9001.



In Aza Logistics we understand that the technological aspect is a quality that adds great value to the supply chain, that is why we offer the highest level of integration and traceability both of the stock in our centers and of the transport expeditions that we manage.

IMAGEN-6We offer you the possibility of managing your entire supply chain from a purchase order in origin to the delivery to your final customer through management of your raw material, semi-finished product or final product.

Our robust logistics processes allow us to work with high levels of closed through contracts with the option of compensatory clauses that can be evaluated and monitored through pre-established KPIS. Thus, we offer total reliability in both B2B and e-commerce picking, having reached a high level of specialization in Amazon deliveries.

We establish a maximum cut-off hour every day so we can guarantee that orders will be prepare and expedite from our warehouse on time. The technological component and the interconnection of equipment and communications allow to extend this cut-off time and reduce delivery time.